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requirements and choices

Our standards require us to sing in a variety of languages and styles. In three years, every choir will sing between 23 and 27 pieces. Those pieces will include text in English, French, German, Italian, and Latin. Additionally, choirs will choose a handful of pieces from several other languages.

We perform music from the following periods:

  • Medieval (500 - 1400)

  • Renaissance (1400-1600)

  • Baroque (1600 - 1750)

  • Classical (1750 - 1830)

  • Romantic (1815 - 1910)

  • Contemporary (1900 - Present)

Contemporary will include concert music and all popular styles. 

Every choir will sing pieces in 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 2/2, compound meters, mixed meters, and changing meters.

The majority of our pieces will be in major and minor, but every choir will sing at least one piece in other modes like Dorian, Phrygian, Mixolydian, etc.

We sing every style appropriately; so we will not pronounce English in a Renaissance piece the same way we would pronounce it in a pop or country song.

Image by David Beale


Here are samples of our repertoire:


  1. Cuncti Simus, Llibre Vermell/Soto, Unison, SBMP 306

  2. Christmas Song (Personent Hodie), Piae Cantiones/ Arr. Holst, Unison, Pepper # 394650

  3. Alle psallite cum luya, Anonymous, CPDL

  4. Gregorian Chant (often paired with a piece of the same text from another time period).


  1. Angelus, Monteverdi/ Arr. Snyder, SAB, Hal Leonard, 08551264

  2. My Heart Now Gives Itself To You, DiLasso/Arr.Rentz, 3 pt mxd, BriLee Music, BL258

  3. Free I Am Once Again (Nun bin ich einmal frei), Regnart/Ed. Snyder/Trans.Good, SAB, Belwin, Inc, SV8615

  4. Laudate Dominum, TL de Victoria, SAB, Belwin, Inc, SV9153


  1. Come, Live With Pleasure, George Frideric Handel/Liebergen, SAB, Belwin, SV9422

  2. Der Herr Sengne Euch (May God Smile On You), J.S. Bach/Ed. Arthur Mendel, TB, Peters 6079

  3. I Will Rejoice (Ich will den Herrn loben), Telemann/ arr. Perry and Perry, Three Part, BriLee Music, BL176

  4. Sing for Joy! (from "Judas Maccabaeus"), Handel/ Arr. Spevacek, SA, Heritage Choral Series,15/1286H-1

  5. Hallelujah, Amen, Handel/Arr. Taylor, 3 pt mixd, Cambiata Press, M17312

  6. Domine Deus, Agnus Dei, Vivaldi/Galvan, Unison, Roger Dean, 15/1857R


  1. Sanctus (from Mariazellermesse), Haydn/Liebergen, SAB, Alfred 4791

  2. Regina Angelorum, Mozart/Bennett, 2-pt, Hal Leonard, 08551006

  3. Sanctus, Schubert/Arr.Weck, SAT, Somerset Press, SP767

  4. Laudate Dominum, Mozart/Rentz, 3 pt mxd, Heritage, 15/2394H


  1. Ecce Fidelis Servus, Faure'/Proulx, SAB, GIA Publication G-4753

  2. Ave Verum, Faure/Mansfield, SAB, Heritage Music Press, HV116

  3. Tollite Hostias, Saint-Saens/Mulder, TTB, BriLee Music, BL193

  4. Tantum Ergo (Op 65, No 2), Faure'/Ed. E. Harold Geer, SSA, ECS Publishing 861


This includes any "concert music" in neo-classical styles written by composers after 1900. This also includes choral arrangements of popular music like jazz, pop, R&B, country, etc., be it a single song or a medley arrangement. These pieces are usually performed at the end of the 7th grade and 8th grade years.


Folk music can come from any time period, from any part of of the world, and can be considered a part of any style. We will sing at least one African-American Spiritual and/or American Folk Song. Folk songs are often our opportunity to sing in various other languages as well.


See the history.

In our chorus room, we have a timeline for each grade level choir to allow students to visually recognize our repertoire in chronological order. On the timeline, we see "history posters", single page documents with all the pertinent information about each piece including title, composer, composer years, arrangers, information about the subject matter, historical significance, or composer biographical information, the language(s), time signature(s), keys and modes, tempo, time period, subgenres (i.e., folk music), and what concert the piece was performed.


View the complete program of repertoire and corresponding set of history posters for each choir in their three years together.

Class of 2015

History Posters

Class of 2016

History Posters

Class of 2017

History Posters

Class of 2018

History Posters

Class of 2019

History Posters

Class of 2020

History Posters

Class of 2021

History Posters

Class of 2022

History Posters

Class of 2023

History Posters

Class of 2024

History Posters

Class of 2025

History Posters

Class of 2026

History Posters

New Menu


Our students choose our music!

For every concert, our students are given a "menu" of pieces to choose from! Students often research pieces and add to the menu themselves. We take a few days to listen to recordings, view the scores, and learn about the pieces and composers before we vote and select our repertoire.





Fall Concert

Winter Concert

Spring Concert


This was the first full year of COVID. We presented one concert at the end of the year in the bus port. No program was printed. This is only a record of what was sung. 

The Sixth Grade Chorus sang "Wakko’s America" and "Fairest Lady" by Nick Page. The Seventh Grade Chorus sang "Little David Play On Your Harp" arr. Crocker. They sang "If There’s A Song" by Arlene Ydstie. This piece was taught and conducted by Jeremiah Robinson. He was our student teacher in the fall, and came back to conduct the piece at the concert. They sang "A Million Dreams (from “Greatest Showman”), arr. Mac Huff. The Eighth Grade Chorus sang "Homeward Bound" by Marta Keen, and "Turn The World Around" by Belafonte and Freedman, arr. Emerson. They finished the concert with "Disney Dazzle" arr. Mac Huff.


Fall Concert

Winter Concert

No Spring Concert was performed because the Covid pandemic occurred in March 2020.




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