Jay Champion, Choral Director
Elise Davis-Crowe,
Assistant Director
700 Old Mountain Road, Kennesaw, Georgia 30152

Dr. Lenora Nyeste, Principal

Proud to be selected to perform at the
2010 and 2019 GMEA Statewide In-Service
and 2012 Inaugural Georgia State University
Invitational MidSingFest

Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Chorus

Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Choruses meet as a scheduled class during the day. These choirs will not rehearse before or after school. This class is normally scheduled class that lasts 50 minutes. Students enrolled will take chorus as their first connections class every day for three years. There is no homework assigned (i.e., practice logs, paperwork).

Boys Choir, Girls Choir, Chamber Chorus

The Boys Choir, Girls Choir, and Chamber Chorus are ensembles that students can join if they want more opporunities to sing. Participation in these ensembles is not necessary to be in Chorus. These ensembles meet at 8 a.m.

These ensembles are set up to allow sixth, seventh, and eighth graders to sing together, become friends, and mentor each other. One of the great challenges of the scheduling at our school is that students from different grade levels can’t sing in choirs together during the day. These ensembles provide that otherwise elusive opportunity. This allows a great opportunity for mentorship. Younger singers learn from older ones and the torch is passed along.

In addition to being mixed grade-level ensembles, these ensembles provide the opportunity to sing in an environment of only boys or only girls. Girls have the opportunity to learn from a female director. This provides a unique musical opportunity, but also a great social one. Our members become great friends and these friendships last into high school. The repertoire of these ensembles tends to be diverse and exploratory. In most cases, students have suggested or chosen our selections. This adds an element of ownership. Any student at LMMS whether or not they are currently in Band, Chorus or Orchestra may participate in Boys and Girls Choirs and we encourage it! 

Our Chamber Choir is our only auditioned singing group.
  In order to participate in Chamber Choir this year, each student must commit to also participate in either Boys or Girls Choir.  The Chamber Chorus is comprised of experienced choral singers. In most cases, only seventh and eighth graders are in Chamber Chorus. Students must have a strong voice, a good ear, and the ability to read music well at this level and learn music quickly. This choir will prepare in 7 to 8 rehearsals what our grade level choirs will prepare in several weeks. Commitments to this ensemble are firm. Students should not audition unless they are prepared to commit themselves for the entire year.

We have already calendared several events for these groups that will allow us to enjoy and participate in choral events in our community in a big way this year!  We are also allowing these students to “piggy back” on our large group events (except for the Disney trip).   

    Thursday, September 26th – National Anthem at Braves Game (with 8th grade) ***If 6th or 7th graders sing at this event, they are asked to make a commitment to sing ALL THREE concerts this year.

    Wednesday, Dec 5th – Performance at the Georgia Aquarium – During the School Day * must sing Fall and Winter concert with us.

    TBA Weekend Evening in January or February –National Anthem at Atlanta Hawk’s game ** must sing Fall or Winter concert

    TBA Spring Game – National Anthem at the Minor League Braves game

    Fri, May 10 – 7th Grade Lock-In ***You must sing ALL THREE concerts with Boys or Girls Choir

    TBA – Two “Dinner and a Concert” evenings (at no charge to you.) * Must sing Fall or Winter for first trip and Spring concert for the second trip.

    Other trips will most likely be added to grade level choirs.

As you can see this is going to be an awesome year for these well deserving students.  We know that being in these groups at 8:00am takes a bit more effort because it is early and coordinating a ride can sometimes become a hassle.  We want you to know that we will do all we can to get you networked with other families to make the transportation part of the equation manageable.   We know that being in these groups at 8:00am takes a bit more effort by coordinating rides and realizing that getting up earlier is not all that bad! 

ABSENCE POLICY: With us offering these kinds of opportunities for your student, we are in turn asking for a commitment from you the student and from you as the parent!   Our requirement for active participation in Boys and Girls Choir will allow 2 excused absences per month. Chamber Chorus members will be allowed one absence per month from Chamber Chorus rehearsals. Note: If a student is absent from school and the absence is excused by the school, the absence in Boys/Girls/Chamber will not count towards their allowed number.



Monday – Boys Choir SECTIONAL Rehearsal

Tuesday – Boys Choir FULL Rehearsal /Girls Choir FULL Rehearsal

Wednesday – Girls Choir SECTIONAL Rehearsal

Thursday – Chamber Choir FULL Rehearsal

Please check our Chorus Calendar for a detailed rehearsal schedule.

Download a copy of our Boys/Girls/Chamber Choir Commitment Form here.

Concert Procedures

  • Concerts begin at 7 p.m. at Burnt Hickory Baptist Church; all students must report to the performance area and be in their assigned place in their choir no later than 6 p.m. Students are expected to stay for the entire concert. If a student needs to show up late or leave early, this must be approved by Mr. Champion with advance notice from the parent.

  • Parents are responsible for all transportation and making sure their child is picked up within 30 minutes after the end of the concert.

  • Parent volunteers will take attendance. They will also monitor student behavior from 6 p.m. until the end of the concert.

  • All students will be seated in the theater to watch the other ensembles perform. Students must be silent during performances and pay full attention to the ensembles on stage. Students are also asked to keep their feet off the back of the chair in front of them.

  • We are guests at Burnt Hickory, and we must not wear out our welcome. Students and families are asked to not place their feet on the backs of chairs in front of them, and not touch the pens and paper products in the pockets on the seats.

  • Students must be dressed in their chorus uniform for all concerts. Students not wearing the proper attire described in the Chorus Handbook will not be allowed to participate in the concert. Uniform inspections are required before the fall concert; after that, inspections are only necessary if a student is changing part of their uniform.

  • Parent volunteers are needed to supervise students after school, operate recording and sound equipment, and tear down and reset equipment and furniture. Please see the Chorus Handbook for details about jobs for parent volunteers.